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After 3 Decades Canada has High Acceptance of Asylum Seekers

For the first time in almost three decades, Canada is accepting a high number of asylum seekers. According to the latest findings of CBC News investigation, Canada received over 90,000 asylum claims between January 2013 and September 2017. A claim indicates the reason they left their home country and whether they got an approval to stay in India. From January to September 2017, the acceptance rate was as high as 70 percent, while that in 2013 was 44 percent. The last time where the acceptance rate was so high was in 1991. Melissa Anderson, spokesperson, Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, said that they review every refugee application and the person is selected on their merit and facts and evidence submitted along with it. The reason why the processing fastened was that of a new rule implemented by the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada in 2012. According to the new rule, after accepting the application, officials were required to hear the claim within 60 days. Before that, it would take at least 18 months to make a claim. Douglas Cannon, refugee lawyer, Vancouver, said that since lawyers had a lot of free time in hand, the board expected them to review the evidence to approve the claim made. But because of the limited time, board members had to approve claims based on research they did within those two months. It became unreasonable and didn't make sense.

Reasons for leaving home country

According to data collected by CBC, the top accepted reasons for fleeing the home country include political activism, religion, race, corruption, sexual orientation, gender, political party involvement, and military desertion in reducing importance. Over the last five years, people from China have made the highest refugee claims, followed by Hungary and Pakistan. Chinese fled to Canada because of the one child per couple rule imposed in 2016 by the government.

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