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Benefits of Australia Skilled Independent (Subclass 189) Visa
Posted on: 15 Sep 2017  |   Tags: Australia Visa , Migrate Visa , PR Visa , Subclass 189 ,

If you searching for Citizenship or Permanent Residency that brings free education, free health coverage, social security, age, and pension plan, apart from living in a safe country. Here are the benefits of Australia subclass 189 visa.

189 category represents a subclass of the Australian Permanent Residency visa. With it, you are likely to be eligible as a Skilled Independent Worker in Australia, which brings immense benefits.

It is a permanent residence visa meant for highly qualified individuals who intend to reside in Australia.

Upon acquiring this skilled independent visa, you are allowed to live and stay in Australia for life. It is provided to skilled workers, and the applicants are eligible to stay and continue performing their work freely at any place in Australia permanently. The family members are also mentioned initially at the time of filing the application. With this, they earn the privilege and right to obtain the Permanent Residency.

This visa is points based and time-tested meant for skilled workers, who fail to get a sponsorship from a family member, an employer, or are not nominated by a State/ Territory Government, or an Australian recruiter/ firm. Its holder is entitled to reside and get professionally involved in a permanent position anywhere in the nation. Successfully receiving it gives entitlement to many things in the country.

You will be given a specific date to enter the country. Upon entry, you and your family members can live and work in Australia permanently, without any limitations to any regions. However, the date given for entering the country does not imply that you need to move to Australia at the same date

Australia Subclass 189 Visa Benefits

  • You can access healthcare which is subsidized by the Australian government.
  • You can also access social security benefits and can also apply for Australian citizenship.
  • Eligible to sponsor family members for PR
  • You have to meet some residency criteria which will be mentioned by the government.
  • Can pursue basic and advanced education
  • You qualify for domestic student rates at universities. There is no limit on your studies, work, etc. You can remain in Australia indefinitely.
  • It is important that you and your family should follow the visa rules and regulations and abide by laws of the nation.

After getting an invitation you have to submit an online application in 60 days. The information in your application should meet what is provided in your expression of interest and must also be supported by evidence. Before doing this, check your eligibility first to save time.

Australia Subclass 189 Visa

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