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Work permits are permission or access certificate issued by a country's immigration to an immigrate to allow the immigrant work freely in any chosen field. Work permits are often granted to immigrants who are already residing in the country legally. It is illegal for spouse dependent of any immigrant with valid work permit or study permit to work or be gainfully employed without an authorized work permit. According to the Canadian immigration spouse dependents who are eligible for the spouse dependent open work permit are; spouses of international students and spouses of temporary foreign workers that wish to stay with their spouses and work while in Canada. Spouse dependent can apply for the Canadian work permit before or after they arrive in Canada and it takes about three months to process the permit which is either applied online or on paper before submitting with required documents. The work permit issued to spouse dependent will last as long as the work permit issued to temporary foreign workers or study permit of a residing student. There is no need for your spouse dependent on having a job offer before applying for the work permit, and they can work for any Canadian employer with their work permit. Spouse dependent sometimes comes as visitors to Canada before applying for a work permit. There are several benefits of applying for the Canadian spouse dependent work permit which includes:

Protection of the Canadian labor standards

The Canadian labor standard protects the members of the Canadian workgroup from labor injustice, and they also guarantee the impartial treatment of workers as regards employment conditions.

Gainful Employment

Spouse dependent will find it easier to secure gainful employment in their chosen field when they have their work permit as it would be impossible for Canadian employers to employ them without one.

Varieties of Job offers

Spouse dependent of immigrants residing in Canada with work permit no longer needs to worry about searching too hard for employment or sticking to a particular field as a result of limited options, as the strength of Canada's economy ensures that there are varieties of job offers to choose from.

Fair Wages

Canadian economy not only ensures the availability of varieties of job offers, but it also provides that the wages paid in these jobs are generous and fair. Most times these jobs pay more generously to immigrants as to compare to what they might earn for the same job in their various countries.

An easier route to permanent residence and citizenship

Canada's immigration has made it easier for immigrants with a work permit to apply for permanent residence which is also an en route to gaining citizenship in Canada.

Valid permit

Spouse dependent can stay with their spouses in Canada until they get a valid work permit and the can extend their stay according to how long their spouses stay permits them to. Obtaining a valid work permit and working in Canada is been made easier by the day as Canada's immigration is bent on making things easier for skilled immigrants who wish to immigrate to Canada and work and help Canada strengthen and grow its already robust economy.

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