Canada Has Increased Age of Dependents to 21 For Immigrants

Immigrants to Canada Can Bring Older Children From Next Year


Prospective immigrants who are thinking of moving to Canada to work and live were previously held back if their children were over 19 but Ottawa is changing the age of dependent children to less than 22 years old. This change is due to be implemented in autumn of next year and should prove popular with Indian families planning a move to Canada. The change will affect young people on a wide array of immigration schemes run by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Currently children under 19 are able to move to Canada if they are moving with dependents that are sponsoring them.

Many parents who want to move or already live in Canada will welcome the move. At the moment parents have to apply to sponsor any children aged between 19-21 but this new change will make the whole process easier and far less stressful for families who are worried about being separated.

This move will likely increase the numbers of foreign families who are thinking of immigrating to the North American country but have previously been held back by concerns about their dependents being allowed into the country on a permanent basis. The move is also applicable for candidates who are in the middle of petitioning for Canadian permanent residency.

Canada is a popular destination for immigrants due to its many schemes to encourage immigration in a bid to increase the population of its rural areas and boost the economy by allowing highly skilled foreign workers to get residency and add their skill set to the job market. Canada wants to carry on competing globally in the tech industry and fir this they need to attract immigrants who are skilled in the STEM subjects, fields which across the world are typically hard to find qualified staff for.

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