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Canada Invests $173 Million for Border Security

Canada is a lovely country and has been treating asylum seekers with great care, but every country has its limits. People are crossing from the US - Canada border through unofficial entry points. Canada is not equipped to handle many of such people who are migrating illegally. And therefore, the Liberal government is planning to invest $173.2 million in border security to help border officials handle asylum seekers crossing over illegally. The funds will be allocated to security operations in the upcoming financial year. In 2017, US President Donald Trump revoked or announced that he would revoke the temporary protected status of natural disaster refugees. Fearly that they would have to go back to their home country, which far less developed than the US, these people are crossing the US border and seeking asylum in Canada, because you can do so easily. As per the reports published by US Citizenship and Immigration Services, the country has 435,000 people from 10 different countries on Temporary Protected Status visa. In only 2017, 20,593 asylum seekers traveled from America to Canada, 91 percent of them are living in Quebec. According to international and Canadian laws, asylum seekers need to be properly treated when they are in the process of applying. The document said that funding will be increased to handle more asylum seekers, many of whom are families and they obviously want the process to be over with quickly.

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The new investment will ensure security screening supports and faster processing, support while making decisions for the Immigration and Refugee Board. Starting from 2018 - 19, the federal government has set aside $20.3 million more for five years to resettle 1,000 refugee girls and women. No countries are picked eligible for the program, but it will be for those coming from conflict-ridden countries. many of whom are families and they obviously want the process to be over with quickly.

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