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Canadian Prime Minister Views about Quebec City Immigration

Justin Trudeau, Canadian prime minister, was in Quebec City for a town-hall event on January 18th, 2018. During the event, he told the spectators that Canada must do a better job in welcoming immigrants and refugees. Immigrants are Canada’s strength as they bring diversity to the country. Trudeau answered a few questions about immigration. He was in the city to pay homage to deadly mosque shooting that happened on January 29th, 2017. In that cruel shooting six innocent people are killed. In those, the first questions asked was how to integrate immigrants in a better way. The event ended with Trudeau giving a passionate speech about how the society needs to fight racism after one of the ladies present talked about actions taken by the far-right group. There were over a 100 people present in the gym of the local school where the event was hosted. Trudeau said that there is so much still that needs to be done from creating safe neighborhoods and political environment to a society that is more respectful and tolerant. Everyone has a role to play. He made Canadians remember the country’s welcoming history. The country didn’t build itself miraculously. It was the efforts of each citizen of the country.

Doing odd jobs

A man from Venezuela said, Trudeau, that it has been two years since his family is in Canada but still his mother hasn’t found a job. He asked why immigrants need to do jobs like cleaning floors. Another woman from Brazil said that she is working as a janitor but is qualified for better work. Trudeau said that the government is putting programs into action that recognize immigrants with educational qualifications and find them deserving jobs. Trudeau has conducted such question and answers in Nova Scotia and Ontario already. He will visit two more cities before heading west.

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