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Canadian Report Says that Chinese 2nd Generation Immigrants are best

A recent Canadian report done on second-generation immigrants revealed that Chinese fare the best in terms of education and career while Africans fare is the worst. Indian second-generation immigrants are second to the Chinese. The report also revealed that the salaries earned by Chinese and children both to Canadian citizens were almost the same. The economic differences were huge between Canadian parents and Chinese immigrant parents. The report calls the process multi-generational and that it has economic integration. Garnett Picot wrote in the report for Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada. Picot works at the Queen's University School of Policy Studies and has expertise in earnings inequality and economic integration of immigrants. The report released by Richard Kurland, an attorney from Vancouver’s, monthly newsletter. Kurland said that if the Canadian government needs proof for investigating why the Canadian black immigrant isn’t doing well, then this is the report they need to look into deeply. Picot’s report had many positive findings that show how wholesome Canada is as a country. Out of all the western world nations where immigrants migrate to, Canada provides the top class and best educational facilities. Children of immigrants from Asia have high educational outcomes, according to Picot. Another reason for that is, in Asian families, children are expected to study better, and that’s why they achieve so much. Canadian families don’t force their children into doing so.

Second generation of Latin American and Caribbean children

Picot’s report revealed that children of Latin American and the Caribbean showed low educational outcomes. Only 23 to 28 percent of them tend to complete university. The report also compared Swiss schools and Canadian schools. Switzerland attracts a higher population of low skilled immigrants. Canada attracts highly skilled population. After all, children of the highly skilled community will have higher IQ when it compared with low-skilled immigrants.

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