Benefit of Applying For Spouse Dependent Work Permit

Work permits are permission or access certificate issued by a country’s immigration to an immigrate to allow the immigrant work freely in any chosen field. Work permits are often granted to immigrants who are already residing in the country legally. It is illegal for spouse dependent of any immigrant with valid work permit or study […]

Border Security

Canada Invests $173 Million for Border Security

Canada is a lovely country and has been treating asylum seekers with great care, but every country has its limits. People are crossing from the US – Canada border through unofficial entry points. Canada is not equipped to handle many of such people who are migrating illegally. And therefore, the Liberal government is planning to […]

Canadian Rural Immigration Issue

Supermarket Solves Canadian Rural Immigration Issue

Imagine running a successful business but having to shut down because there’s no one around to help. Well, that’s what happened with Farmer’s Daughter Country Market in fall 2016. The business attracts student workers, who work during vacations but leave once college starts. Heather Coulombe, the supermarket’s co-owner, and her sister tried several ideas to […]

Asylum Seekers

After 3 Decades Canada has High Acceptance of Asylum Seekers

For the first time in almost three decades, Canada is accepting a high number of asylum seekers. According to the latest findings of CBC News investigation, Canada received over 90,000 asylum claims between January 2013 and September 2017. A claim indicates the reason they left their home country and whether they got an approval to […]

Vancouver - Costliest City in Canada

Survey of 209 Cities Finds Vancouver is Costliest City in Canada

Cost is an effective factor in deciding our residence. There is no standard rate, and the living cost varies across the globe for different countries. According to a latest survey, Vancouver and Toronto are two of the most expensive places to live in Canada. But as compared to other cities worldwide, they are still much […]

Law Schools in Canada

Know About Top 5 Law Schools in Canada

Canada is the next big destination for international students. The availability of excellent law schools make it a hub for aspiring lawyers. So here are few of the top law schools you should enrol in when you plan to study in Canada. 5 Best and Top Law Schools in Canada 1. McGill University – Faculty […]


Top 5 Design Colleges in Canada

More and more people are dreaming of shifting to Canada because why not? You have beautiful natural surroundings, a multiracial and inclusive environment, flawless infrastructure along with sponsored healthcare and people friendly policies. Moreover, this country is becoming a hub for design students due to the stellar institutions that offer state of the art courses […]

5 Most Popular Professions in Canada

Canada is one of the most sought-after destinations for students and professionals alike. The lucrative career opportunities and the picturesque destinations along with the extremely friendly, inclusive and multicultural population, make it a very attractive option. Because of its effective policies, fair treatment of its immigrants and world class infrastructure, more and more people are […]

Changes to Canada’s Work Permit May Affect Indian companies

Changes to Canada’s Work Permit May Affect Indian companies

Even With Changes to The Express Entry programme, Canada Still Attracts Indian Immigrants   India is one of the top two countries for the number of its citizens who immigrate to Canada but recent changes to the Express Entry Programme may affect IT companies from India. Currently the Express Entry Programme works on a points […]

Live music in US Affected by fee hike for foreign musicians

Overseas Musicians Performing in USA Hit by 42% Fee Hike

  Fee Hike Announced For Form 1-129 Which Affects Artists,   Musicians and Athletes   Musicians travelling from overseas to play in the United States will now be faced with a 42% fee hike for Form I-129, which is mandatory for all artists, musicians, athletes and actors arriving in America from other countries. This means […]