Law Schools in Canada

Know About Top 5 Law Schools in Canada

Canada is the next big destination for international students. The availability of excellent law schools make it a hub for aspiring lawyers. So here are few of the top law schools you should enrol in when you plan to study in Canada. 5 Best and Top Law Schools in Canada 1. McGill University – Faculty […]

Hong Kong Engineering Universities

Hong Kong Universities to Study Engineering

Hong Kong is a desirable destination for engineering students due to its highly reputed tech universities. The tech savvy and highly developed infrastructure also give students ample employment and apprenticeship opportunities. They also get along great industrial exposure during their college tenure. Many universities in Hong Kong rank higher than their European and American counterparts. […]

Best Design Schools in the USA

Best Design Schools in the United States of America

The US is a haven for students wanting to major in Arts and Design due to the multicultural environment, highly diverse talent pool and state of the art institutions along with amazing employment avenues after you graduate. Many prestigious high ranking universities in the world have their headquarters here, and you should tap into this […]

Importance of Previous Job Experience for International MBA Course

A lot of students wonder if work experience can help them fetch a good MBA course. The truth is, any work experience for any kind is helpful- whether it be internships, summer jobs or a full-fledged term at a good organisation. It just adds to your application and will also help you in the course […]

International Scholarship

5 Tips to Win International Scholarships – Study Abroad

Attaining an international scholarship is a herculean task. But once you make the cut, your career has a breakthrough and starts with a bang. Here are a few steps to achieve success while looking to grab that scholarship. Tips to Win International Scholarships Hard Work is Key You need to put in a large deal […]

Top 5 Business Schools Across the World

A business degree holds significant value today in the times of a booming corporate and startup culture. Every problem and every solution are marketable now. So having a business degree from a reputed institution will only give you an upper edge in the market. Here is a list of the top 5 business schools in […]