UAE Govt Requirement

UAE Govt Requirement Makes Kerala to Issue Good Conduct Certificate

Kerala has become the first start to issue Good Conduct certificate as required by the UAE government. Earlier in January 2018, the government of UAE announced that it will need foreign workers to have a good conduct certificate in order to get the work permit. Kerala will not be issuing a certificate in the exact […]

Roma Refugees

Roma Refugees Are Finally Being Heard in Canada

After years of low success rate, Roma refugees in Canada are receiving as much as 70 percent claim success. It is because of the new government in 2015, removal of the corrupt lawyers, and reduction in time taken by authorities to review claims. The claim approval rate in 2013 was the only 21 percent but […]

Talent visa

China Started the Talent visa for Foreign Talents in STEM

The Filipinos weren’t allowed to work in China until now, but the government recently announced that they will be on the China Talent visa or R visa. It is very exciting news for the Philippines government and was confirmed by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration. China started the Talent visa to invite foreign talents in […]

Syrian Software

Syrian Software Engineer Finally Met his Family after Four Years

Imagine not meeting your family for almost four years. Yes, the thought of it gives you goose bumps, doesn’t it? Samer Al-Hakim, a Syrian software engineer, living in Germany has experienced it. Al-Hakim last met his family in 2013 and then at the end of 2016 all because he became a German citizen and got […]

Quebec City

Canadian Prime Minister Views about Quebec City Immigration

Justin Trudeau, Canadian prime minister, was in Quebec City for a town-hall event on January 18th, 2018. During the event, he told the spectators that Canada must do a better job in welcoming immigrants and refugees. Immigrants are Canada’s strength as they bring diversity to the country. Trudeau answered a few questions about immigration. He […]

Saudi Arabia Women in Study Abroad

Saudi Arabia Sends 130 Women to Study Abroad

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia is finally making progress when it comes to promoting women education. Recently, the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation confirmed that it had sent 130 women to study in a foreign country through its external scholarships program. Bandar Al-Saadon, director, External Scholarships Program, said that out of the 130, 110 of […]


Free Movement to the UK Continues after Brexit Also

One of the biggest topics of discussion was whether Great Britain will allow free movement of European Union citizens into the country after the official Brexit in March 2019. Well, the good news is that the UK will but only for two years, which is until 2021. David Davis, cabinet minister and secretary for European […]


Canadian Report Says that Chinese 2nd Generation Immigrants are best

A recent Canadian report done on second-generation immigrants revealed that Chinese fare the best in terms of education and career while Africans fare is the worst. Indian second-generation immigrants are second to the Chinese. The report also revealed that the salaries earned by Chinese and children both to Canadian citizens were almost the same. The […]

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Focusing on Entry of Skilled Foreign Workers

Nova Scotia, Canada opened its Nominee Provincial Program in 2017. The first year gets the lowest applications, and so the province only received 1/4th of its maximum. Even though it is a slow start for the province, it is excellent news for those planning to go to Canada. The province had set a target of […]


In Venezuela US Embassy Restarted Issuing Visa

Joy has finally come to citizens of Venezuela as the US Embassy finally agreed to issue visas after a non-compliance period of 18 months. Only business and travel visas halted while student and work visas were still given, but the rules were made stricter. The embassy will start accepting applications for the B-1 and B-2 […]