H-1B Visa

H-1B Visa Holders in US can Work for More Employers

H-1B visa is one of the most sought-after American visas, and the US Agency has recently clarified that those working on this visa can have more than one employer. It is a great benefit to both employee and employer. It is through this visa that American companies can have the feasibility to employ international professionals […]

New H1B Visa Policy Might be a Boon for Indians

As it turns out, the new developments in the H1B visa policy may be a blessing in disguise. You ask how? Here’s the thing. Although the H1B policy changes rooting for ‘Buy American, Hire American’ may come across as xenophobic, experts have argued how this very change can be beneficial for the Indian IT professionals […]

US Bank Boss States that Immigration Increases Economic Growth

Federal Reserve President Equates Immigration with the American Dream   A senior official at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, the bank President Patrick Harker has stated that America’s economic growth is being stifled by its negative policies on immigration. The American Census Bureau estimates that there are currently around 324 million US citizens but […]

Indian American community in California

California’s Indian Diaspora

The Indian American Community in California   Its not just the tech sector and Silicon Valley that has been influenced by Indians, Northern California has been home to some of the longest settled Indian communities in America. The early twentieth century saw many Sikhs from the Punjab come to California to work in agriculture and […]

Entrepreneur Visas Needed For USA

Foreign Entrepreneurs Shown to Create US Jobs   This election season in America has seen a lot of debate about job creation and increasing the US economy and many are discussing the benefits of giving start up visas to foreign entrepreneurs. Traditionally foreign-born entrepreneurs are wealth creators, as they start new businesses and employ American […]

Tips for Applying for an H1-B Visa

Why Was Your H1-B Visa Denied?   An H1-B working visa allows registered companies to bring skilled foreign workers to America if they cannot find appropriate staff locally. There are many thousands of applications every year and some get turned down, but why? The job itself has to be for a speciality occupation such as […]

Trump About Turn on India-US Visas

Donald Trump to Address American Hindi Community   The contoversial Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump has courted controversy over his statements about immigration, many of which have alarmed Indians working in the USA or planning to work there on an H1-B visa. But Shalabh Kumar who is the chairman of the Republican Hindu Coalition has […]

Visa Interview Tips For America

  How to Get That US Work Visa:Handy Hints   India is one of the most favoured countries for work visas in the USA, so what can help you win at that visa interview?   Ties to your home country: US Visa consular officials want to ensure that foreign workers on an H1-B visa are […]

Recent US Report Shows That Immigration Boosts the Economy

Immigration Myths Exploded in New Report Immigration has been at the forefront of the race to the presidency; with the Republican nominee Donald Trump stating that immigrants take the jobs from US citizens. The Democrat presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton as opposed to Donald Trump, is very positive around immigration and wants to make it easier […]

The Predicted Impact of Immigration Policies on the USA

The Future Of The US Depending on Who Becomes President   There has been a lot of negative press recently around immigration to the United States and more specifically the H1-B visa. But California’s Silicon Valley amongst others have benefited greatly from being able to hire skilled foreign workers who are educated to a high […]