Top US Cities for Tourism

Top 5 US Cities With a Dip in Tourism in 2017

The immigration policies and controversial statements by US President Donald Trump have served as a severe blow to US tourism. From making comments about the wall in Mexico to introducing a travel ban for Muslim countries, he has done all. So, the impact of on visitors and tourists in the US is severe, and the […]

Best Design Schools in the USA

Best Design Schools in the United States of America

The US is a haven for students wanting to major in Arts and Design due to the multicultural environment, highly diverse talent pool and state of the art institutions along with amazing employment avenues after you graduate. Many prestigious high ranking universities in the world have their headquarters here, and you should tap into this […]

Top 5 Medical Schools in the U.S

The US has been a hub for medical care due to its superlative research facilities and unmatched infrastructure. America has some of the world’s best medical resources and hospitals. So the medical education in this country is top notch too. Here are the medical institutions which rank amongst the top 5 medical schools in the […]

Top 4 law colleges in the world

Law is, and has always been a sought-after career choice as its relevance will never be out of the question. But the truth is, more people opting for law means more competition. So how do you stand out? Well, for a start, it is important to choose the best university for your course. Here is […]

Cheapest Cities in the USA for an International Student

The USA is the nation of a thousand dreams embodied in the concrete jungles and the closely fitted neighbourhoods. Whether it’s an IT professional or a future Broadway Star, everyone goes to this huge country to make the most of what they have. But as they say, every dream comes with a price- the dream […]

Top 5 Universities You can Apply to in Los Angeles

  Los Angeles is the city of dreams that makes your heart throb. With no dearth of facilities and infrastructure and an excellent array of exciting opportunities both academic and recreational, recreation- L.A has some attractive study destinations to look out for. Each year it provides some of the world’s best graduates and professionals and […]

Best Hotels in California You Can Visit

Choosing the right hotel to stay is an important decision while you are travelling. California is blessed with jaw dropping natural beauty. So, choose a hotel which matches the beauty of the place. San Ysidro Ranch, Santa Barbara It is the same hotel where John F. Kennedy stayed during his honeymoon. The hotel is spread […]

How President Trump has impacted the tourism industry

With the election of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States and his consequential travel ban, airline bookings to the United States have dropped by an astounding 6.5% in just a few days. Trump’s controversial order was effective from January 27, and there has been a marked difference in flight searches to […]

Is Trump’s Controversial Travel Ban Legal?

President Trump caught hell for signing an order that banned travelers from seven Muslim-nations and refugees to enter the United States for a brief period of time, as a measure to protect the citizens of America from any potential terrorist activities. But was his Decision a Legal One? US Attorney General Sally Yates, working for […]

Trump’s Order Suspension Upheld: The Court Game

On 9th February 2017, three federal judges concertedly refused to put Trump’s order in power again. What was Trump’s Order? According to Trump’s travel ban order, travelers from seven Muslim-dominated countries including Syria, Yemen, Libya, Iran, Iraq, Somalia, and Sudan were not allowed to set foot in the United States temporarily. Furthermore, refugees were banned […]