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China Started the Talent visa for Foreign Talents in STEM

The Filipinos weren't allowed to work in China until now, but the government recently announced that they will be on the China Talent visa or R visa. It is very exciting news for the Philippines government and was confirmed by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration. China started the Talent visa to invite foreign talents in the field of science and technology, international entrepreneurs, and foreign coaches that are deemed essential for the country's economic and social development. It wasn't confirmed when the Chinese government announced the new visa in January 2018. However, the Filipinos can only work in Shanghai. The visa is entirely free, that means, you don't have to pay anything to apply for it. Those eligible have to apply for it online. You can submit all the necessary documents online. POEA said that the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Shanghai will assess the candidates' application and will grade them based on a grading and classification system developed specially for foreign talents. The visa has a validity of 10 years, and the holder can stay in China for 180 days at a time. The holder can bring his spouse and children along with them for the same duration of time. Along with that, the holder has to earn at least six times the average Chinese salary.

New market

China is a new market for the Filipinos, and the POEA is excited about how it will turn out. Rather than going to the US or Canada, talented Filipinos can work in China. It is also an excellent opportunity for trade and commerce between the two countries Filipino entrepreneurs will mostly take the R visa. Filipino household service workers cannot work in China due to some preventing law. The new visa has made the foreign industry by storm, and many are looking forward what is in store for them in China.

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