Free Movement to the UK Continues after Brexit Also

One of the biggest topics of discussion was whether Great Britain will allow free movement of European Union citizens into the country after the official Brexit in March 2019. Well, the good news is that the UK will but only for two years, which is until 2021. David Davis, cabinet minister and secretary for European Union Exit, said that as of now, he can assure that there will be free movement during the transitional phase.

During the phase, the UK will continue to follow all the rules, regulations, and laws set by the European Union. Side by side, it will also make its own policies and agreements. However, it won’t have any power in making laws in the European Union. There are over three million EU nationals living in the UK. Until now, they didn’t need to apply for a work permit or claim permanent residency. The UK and European Union are still debating about their fates. They will mostly come to a settlement allowing EU citizens to hold dual citizenship of the UK and their home country.

There have been no talks about the work permit as there will be no changes until 2021. The same goes for EU students. They will be charged lower fees like earlier. However, in a letter released by the government, it was mentioned that European Union citizens who enter during the transition period, between 2019 and 2021, will have to first register with the government authorities. The government also plans to charge a fee of 10 euros to European Union citizens visiting the country. However, there’s no confirmation on that yet.

Becoming anti-immigrant

One of the reasons the UK left EU was because of the influx of immigrants from all over EU. Ever since leaving it, the UK has become more anti-immigrant. It has set a yearly limit of inviting only 100,000 immigrants, and international student population is not counted in it.

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