Saudi Arabia Sends 130 Women to Study Abroad

Saudi Arabia Women in Study Abroad

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia is finally making progress when it comes to promoting women education. Recently, the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation confirmed that it had sent 130 women to study in a foreign country through its external scholarships program.

Bandar Al-Saadon, director, External Scholarships Program, said that out of the 130, 110 of them have already graduated, while 20 women are still completing their studies. Including both men and women, Technical and Vocational Training Corporation sent 1,800 people to study using the external scholarships program. Out of them, 150 students are still studying while 1650 have given their exams and graduated. All these students are sent to different countries. Some of the popular destinations among these students are Canada, the United States of  America, Australia, South Korea, and the United Kingdom.

Al-Saadon also mentioned the fields in which students get scholarships. These fields include computer science, fashion design, beauty and care, accounting, and library management.

35,000 women from Saudi studying abroad

According to Huda Al-Hulaisi, Shoura member said that there are 35,000 women from Saudi studying abroad on government scholarships. It goes perfectly with the kingdom’s Vision 2030 plan that focuses purely on the youth and women. She also proudly stated the fact that in present years, Saudi women have become a part of the Shoura Council and municipal councils.

In 2015, 51.8 percent university students were females, which mean that families in the kingdom are changing their views towards women education. The Saudi labor market’s 22 percent task force is women. Increasing the percentage to 30 is an aim the government should keep for the future. Employing more women brings stability to the market since they are more reasonable and take things cautiously. Increasing the women empowerment will definitely help the Saudi goverment to increase the economic growth. Around 88 percent Saudi international students are studying in the US, making it a favorite destination among them.

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