H1B Visas to the USA For Doctors

A Guide to H-1B Visas for Medical Doctors


The H1B working visa allows skilled foreign workers to get employment for up to six years in the United States but if the applicant is a medical doctor then there are other qualifications that need to be met before medical practice is allowed in the States.

If you want to work as a medical doctor in the USA with this type of visa, you will be required to show evidence of your medical degree as well as the relevant licence for the state you will be working in. Every US state requires that medical doctors are licenced to practice medicine, this includes doctors working in fellowship programmes and in residency. A lot of states will not issue a licence without proof that an H-1B visa has been issued, but applicants can ask for a letter from the state licencing board stating that the only thing holding up licence is the visa process. Different states have different licences, so if you are wanting to work in more than one state then you will need to have more than one licence to practice medicine.

In addition to this doctors from overseas who want to work in the United States have to evidence that they can speak English adequately, or have passed an English as a Foreign Language test. If the prospective doctor has graduated from an American medical school, then the rules are slightly different as then all they need is proof of graduation and the relevant licence for the state that they want to work in.

If the prospective doctor is renowned internationally for their ground breaking work in their particular medical specialty then the requirements for working in the USA will not be as strict as it will be simple to evidence that they are famous in their chosen field.


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