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Travelling to your favorite destinations means missing out on your gym routine. And to make things worse, you can’t say no to the delicious culinary extravaganza around. So naturally, you will be binging on snacks and indulgent dishes, which is surely not a good sign for your fitness. So how to manage travel and fitness at the same time? Here are a few health tips pointers to stay in shape while you explore the world.

Health While Travelling

Follow these Health Tips while Travelling

Never underestimate the Coffee Maker

The coffee makers provided by hotels are more than just coffee makers. You can avoid a wide array of fattening foods by boiling water while you carry ready to eat oatmeal from your home. This will ensure a healthy breakfast. You can also add some yogurt or fresh fruits to your meal.

Carry something along for exercise

You don’t need a full-fledged treadmill to stay in shape. A skipping rope, resistance band or a heart rate monitor can do the trick. They occupy lesser space while you can also try some bed and floor exercises or some yoga while keeping your heart rate monitor handy.

Stock up that Mini-Bar

Instead of binging on chocolates, wafers, and alcohol at the minibar, fill it with healthy veggies, fruits, and yogurt. Also, keep some ready-to-cook healthy meals in there. This will help you cut down on your calorie intake as you explore multiple food joints around your travel destination.

Keep them Sneakers in your luggage!

Make some space for some casual sneakers so you can always hike and take a nice jog, especially if your workout shoes are too heavy to fit in. This will keep you ready for a moderate workout session or a brisk walk while you’re traveling.

Choose Walking

Avoid taking public transport or cabs for distances shorter than a mile. You can always walk- keep it slow, explore spots at your discretion and also save up on that dough. Look for spots that are located at walking distances from your hotel.

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