Ideal education: theory or practice?

With people from all walks of life moving towards urbanisation and modernisation, even the simplest and most basic of jobs require a basic education today.

An ideal education enables us to differentiate between right and wrong and make life choices objectively. It also involves the first-hand application of acquired knowledge into practical aspects of life. So what should be the motive of ideal education? Theoretical concepts or practical application?

The purpose of education is to produce citizens who can contribute to society and thrive while generating opportunities for employment and use their problem-solving skills for the larger benefit. With more people enrolling into myriad courses, the practical aspects of education become indispensable to human progress and upliftment.

Mere hypotheses won’t help you survive in the real world. An ideal education is an application of what you read in the books into real life. If you can’t interpolate between what you read in the books and what you do in real life, the purpose of education becomes obsolete.

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The whole basis of education is to enable people to survive in reality and all theories are reduced to garbage if one doesn’t understand how to implement them. You may know how to solve all the complicated equations in the world, but if you use it to make something concrete out of it, what is the point of all this assimilated knowledge?

Utilisation of knowledge is the sole basis of education. For example, no matter how many law theories you mug up- your degree is entirely useless if you don’t know how to apply them in a courtroom.

Ideal education is a perfect blend of theoretical concepts and practical application. Both aspects of education are imperative if you want to be successful in life. You cannot just tread the water and not dip your feet into it.


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