Importance of Previous Job Experience for International MBA Course

A lot of students wonder if work experience can help them fetch a good MBA course. The truth is, any work experience for any kind is helpful- whether it be internships, summer jobs or a full-fledged term at a good organisation. It just adds to your application and will also help you in the course of your MBA.

Employers too are looking for well-trained, experienced MBA students who have been adequately exposed to the professional environment. You can apply those experiences while learning in a classroom. Theoretical knowledge isn’t everything. When you have practical experience, you can apply that to your theory based subjects and get an edge over the others.

Moreover, with the job circuit getting more and more competitive with time, employers also choose from the best of the lot, and someone with prior experience is always counted. As per the 2012 QS Applicant Survey, candidates applying for global MBA programmes are working to enhance their work experiences before enrolling in an MBA programme.

Additionally, all over the world, the average age of MBA candidates has increased to a worldwide average of 28.3 years. It is always better to incorporate experiences in different business setups into class discussions, and MBA students who have prior work experience perform better in this area. This also enhances the leadership and problem-solving skills of the candidates to a considerable extent.

But yes, quality is more important than quantity. You may have spent 3 or 5 years at an organisation, but the numbers don’t count- it’s the experience and targets and the projects you worked on that counts.

Moreover, the importance of a direct interaction cannot be disputed. It is through interaction that the candidate’s communication skills, problem-solving skills, curiosity and proficiency can be calculated. Job experience is a very important parameter in the MBA admission of universities abroad.

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