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Nova Scotia Focusing on Entry of Skilled Foreign Workers

Nova Scotia, Canada opened its Nominee Provincial Program in 2017. The first year gets the lowest applications, and so the province only received 1/4th of its maximum. Even though it is a slow start for the province, it is excellent news for those planning to go to Canada. The province had set a target of 792 for 2017, but only 201 spots were filled. Suzanne Ley, executive director, Nova Scotia Office of Immigration, gave the statistics. She was very optimistic about 2018 and how the first year of any program has a low uptake. She said that she understands that it takes many years for any program to reach its maximum capacity. Not reaching the set quota is a trend for all provinces that started last year. New Brunswick had set a quota of 646 seats, but only 487 only filled. The province considers it as a success and will increase the 2018 quota to 800. Prince Edward Island had set a target of 200 seats and hit the target. In 2018, they’ve already awarded 15 seats. John Lohr, PC MLA, Kings North, feels that the program was implemented in a better way in the other three Atlantic provinces and that’s why it is performing better there. He wasn’t happy how badly Atlantic Immigration Pilot faired in 2017 since immigration is very important for the country’s future. Suzanne Ley said that her office hasn’t finalized the quota for 2018 but hopes that her office attracts more foreign skilled workers this year. She said they hear from employees every day. She didn’t answer when asked why other provinces did better but joked saying that she’d know if they had a magic trick. Partnering with developmental companies They focus on increasing the entry of skilled foreign workers, and her office has partnered with three development companies. These companies will encourage them to come to Nova Scotia.

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