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As the world evolves into a global village, millions of people move every year away from their countries and region to other places in search of opportunities and engagement. Serious countries take advantage of the availability of skilled personnel from other countries (especially the developing) and designed programmes that make the best talents and entrepreneurs flock to them. One of such countries is Canada, an economically prosperous nation who doesn’t have enough manpower. Nova Scotia is a beautiful Eastern Canada Maritime province. Over time, it has opened its border to foreign entrepreneurs who wish to do business in the province provided some conditions are met. It must be stressed that doing business in this province is a pleasant and rewarding experience, and anyone who is chosen would enjoy all the benefits a Canadian would enjoy. Would you like to take advantage of this opportunity? Below are some of the frequently asked questions about the programme, read and take the bold step.

FAQs on NSNP Entrepreneur Stream

1. What is the scheme all about?

The NSNP Entrepreneur Stream is a scheme for experienced business owners and business managers intending to acquire or start a business in Nova Scotia. They are also expected to live and take part in the day to day running of the venture. It is a temporary to permanent residence program whereby applicants have issued a temporary work permit of usually a year first to operate the business in the province of Nova Scotia after which a permanent work permit would be granted, other things being equal.

2. What are the criteria to be eligible?

  • To be considered for the scheme, the applicant must be 21 years or older.
  • He/she must also have at least three years experience owning or managing a business.
  • He/she must want to live in the province while owning and managing the business’
  • A minimum net worth of $600,000 is imperative.
  • A minimum investment of $150,000 to operate or buy a business in Nova Scotia.
  • Must be willing to learn the Canadian language.

3. Would I get a permanent Canadian residency and work permit if successful with the scheme?

Yes. Selected applicants would initially get temporary residency and work permit of one year, after which permanent work permit and residency would be processed with the issuing authorities provided no law is broken.

4. What is the process to get the NSNP Entrepreneur Stream?

The steps are as follow:
  • Submit an Expression of Interest to the province of Nova Scotia. This is done online by filling a form where candidates would express their interest to live and operate a business in the province.
  • After going through the applications, the Nova Scotia office of Immigration would select applicants based on compatibility and credibility and invite the selected applicants to formally write an application letter for the NSNP. A complete application would have all supporting documents to verify the truthfulness of the applicant.
  • Interview process would follow for candidates who are successful at the preceding stage. The interview would take place in Nova Scotia, and successful candidates would be granted Business performance agreement which would show where the business would be situated and in what industry.
  • Temporary work permit and residency would be granted, and the business would kick off. The company must be started within one year of receiving the approval, and the business owner could come with family.
  • Once a beneficiary abides by all rules and has successfully established the business as well as running it for a year, then he can submit a nomination for permanent work permit and residency with the appropriate authorities.
  • The last part is for the beneficiary to apply for permanent work permit and residency once the nomination has been approved.
The NSNP Entrepreneur Stream is a fantastic opportunity for entrepreneurs to work and live in Canada and a chance every entrepreneur in the developing world should think of taking. Please subscribe to Career Overseas blogs to know further information and updates about Visa and Immigration. Please take our free evaluation from us to see whether you will be suitable or not and it will give new options available.

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