Top 5 Beaches to Visit in Australia

Australia has it all- wildlife, nightlife, beaches, hills along with the lovely people and solitude of nature.

The beaches deserve a special mention. The Great Barrier Reef has its roots here, and the multitude of beaches make Australia a sunbather’s paradise. Here are a few beaches which make it to the list of most visited beaches in Australia.

75 Mile Beach, Fraser Island
Located in Queensland, this vast expanse of shoreline has a variety of sand hues that make it picturesque and breathtaking. Although the waters are a dangerous territory to enter due to the presence of tiger sharks, the fresh water lakes are just a brief stroll away from the beach.

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Main Beach, Noosa QLD
This beach is a summer lover’s fantasy. With sunny expanses, golden stretches of sand and the clear, glistening waters along with many species of dolphins, whales and other marine flora and fauna, this beach is an ideal surfer’s destination with constant monitoring and ranks high in accessibility. So swim through the pristine waters, or lounge the whole day in the cafes and restaurants on the shore.

Burleigh Heads Beach, Old Coast
Although located at a crowded backdrop, this beach is still untouched by the city bustle. A sea walker’s paradise, there is a 4 km stretch that you can traverse through for that perfect seaside stroll. The pure, tropical sand-scape and ample options for surfing with round-the-clock availability of lifeguards make this a great spot for a family hangout.

Cable Beach, Broome
The most beautiful and visually captivating beach in Australia, the Cable Beach is well known for its sunsets and the breathtaking views of the horizon. Special camel rides are available for witnessing this marvel of nature and a moonlit night is spectacular on this beach.

Whitehaven Beach
This beach ranks high on our list, with its clear white sands composed mainly of silica- soft to the feet, does not heated very easily, and creating the picture-perfect contrast with the pristine blue waters. The coves, inlets and lagoons surrounding the beach are equally magnificent.


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