Top 5 Deserts You Should Visit

Desert safaris and voyages are probably the one of the best ways to have an adventurous holiday. More so, when you explore the barrenness and wide expanse of sand and nothingness, it brings a unique thrill to your trip. Here are the world’s largest and most sought-after desert destinations you should surely visit.

Sahara Desert
Ranked as the world’s largest and hottest desert, it should definitely be a part of your bucket list because of its weather extremes, high sand dunes and exciting safaris. It covers a major portion of North Africa and includes areas in Egypt and Morocco.

The Namib Desert
This one is a coastal desert expanding across Namibia, South Africa and Angola and it is the oldest desert in the world with a wide expanse of 2000 km. Replete with breathtaking landscapes and surroundings, the most special attraction is the Skeleton Coast which consists of skeletal remains of whales, seals and even sailors who were subject to shipwrecks. This desert is located on the Atlantic Coast.

The Gobi Desert
The largest in Asia, this is a cold desert covering areas in China and Mongolia. It has extremely low temperatures usually but is very hot during summer due to wind influences from the Siberian Steppes. This desert came into formation due to a rain shadow influence of the Himalayas. It consists of fossil remains which are of great interest to archaeologists and evolutionary scientists alike.

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The Atacama Desert
This desert is the driest area in the world, with a record low rainfall and only salt lakes and sand as landscapes. There are some regions which have never in the history of their existence experienced rain. The dry expanse and large, treeless areas have served as ideal filming locations for many movies like Quantum of Solace and Spy Kids to name a few.

The Thar Desert
This desert is located in India and is a hub of culture and varied landscapes. Covering areas of Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, and Gujarat, the Rajasthani and Gujarati cultures especially make it a must-visit destination. Also, the Rann of Kutch- a saltwater marsh- is a huge expanse of white sands and is a picturesque spot altogether.

If you love deserts, set out today!


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