Know About Top 5 Law Schools in Canada

Canada is the next big destination for international students. The availability of excellent law schools make it a hub for aspiring lawyers. So here are few of the top law schools you should enrol in when you plan to study in Canada.

Law Schools in Canada

5 Best and Top Law Schools in Canada

1. McGill University – Faculty of Law

This is the 27th best law university in the world and so the second best university in Canada. The fact that this university offers bilingual degrees speaks volumes about its inclusivity and diversity. The civil law studies here are the best in the world and the employer reputation is excellent too. This university is located in the heart of Montreal which is the most modern cities in the world and ranks high on student satisfaction and employability. Furthermore, this university has the lowest tuition fees on the list.

2. University of British Columbia – Faculty of Law at Allard Hall

The university of British Columbia is the third best in Canada and ranks 40th worldwide. So, the academic superiority is impeccable. This university offers quality law education and has an enviable reputation. Also, it has one of the most beautiful campuses in Canada along with ten international fraternities as a part of its network. The university ranks high on student satisfaction, employment and skill building.

3. University of Toronto

This university is ranked no. 1 in Canada and 21st worldwide with an enviable academic reputation. It also offers state of the art courses in Arts and Humanities. It provides you with the high likelihood of elite firm hiring and Supreme Court clerkships. This university offers a cosmopolitan urban experience and has an excellent campus atmosphere.

4. Université de Montréal – Faculté de droit

This is the 6th best university in Canada and ranks 150th worldwide. The academic citations are high here, and the bilingual courses are in plenty. With most of the emphasis on civil law, the university ranks second regarding elite firm recruitment and student satisfaction. The tuition fee is reasonable too.

5. Queen’s University – Faculty of Law

This is the 5th largest university in Canada with the highest number of academic citations. Also, it has a wonderful employer reputation along with a prestigious legacy and a vibrant campus life.

After school, you need to look for the top law colleges in the world so that you can have better career. If you want to stay in Canada for career growth, know the most popular professions here.

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