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UAE Govt Requirement Makes Kerala to Issue Good Conduct Certificate

Kerala has become the first start to issue Good Conduct certificate as required by the UAE government. Earlier in January 2018, the government of UAE announced that it will need foreign workers to have a good conduct certificate in order to get the work permit. Kerala will not be issuing a certificate in the exact name but a police clearance certificate that can be submitted along with other work visa documents. Hussain Al Za’abi, consulate general, UAE High Commission, said that they have already received an official letter regarding it from the Kerala government and Police headquarters. This commission is in Thiruvananthapuram and handles work of the whole of South India. District police chiefs will issue the police clearance certificate. Al Za’abi further added that he had informal talks with representatives of other South Indian countries and they have expressed interest towards starting to issue the certificate as well. However, he said that it is best to wait for an official announcement before getting the hopes too high. South Indian states handled by the commission in Thiruvananthapuram include Telangana, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka. India doesn’t have pre-existing rules about a good conduct certificate, which might make it difficult for them to find a job in UAE after the new rule was implemented. All states should follow in the footsteps of Karnataka. Director General of Police of Karnataka said that the service was started on February 1, 2018, and that people can start submitting applications.

Only a matter of few days

He said that if the person has a clean record, they will get the police clearance certificate within a few days. If in case the person has a criminal record, their application will be sent to the special branch, which will run a background check before giving the clearance. The certificate application costs INR 1,000.

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