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In Venezuela US Embassy Restarted Issuing Visa

Joy has finally come to citizens of Venezuela as the US Embassy finally agreed to issue visas after a non-compliance period of 18 months. Only business and travel visas halted while student and work visas were still given, but the rules were made stricter. The embassy will start accepting applications for the B-1 and B-2 visas from January 17th, 2018 onward. The US suspended visa services for the two visas for Venezuela from May 2016 onward because they didn't have the staff to work. Also, diplomats from Caracas and Washington ejected the diplomats. Citizens of Venezuela had to go to Columbia to apply for visas which weren't feasible for everyone. Todd Robinson appointed as the US ambassador to Venezuela. The US travel visa costs around $160, but most Venezuelans can't afford it because they earn as less as $7 a month. Robinson said in Spanish at the press conference that he will support legally-accepted trips to the US but also protect US security at the same time. Venezuela is under Nicolas Maduro's dictatorship. In September 2017, US President Donald Trump addressed it at United Nations Assembly and asked other nations to help the country citizens out of the crisis. The two countries haven't exchanged ambassadors since 2010. Unrest in Venezuela For a while now, Venezuela is in conflict. On July 30th, 2017, pro-government forces bombed motorcycles of 50 journalists who had come to cover the conflict between anti-government protesters and national guards. It happened at Plaza Francia de Altamira in Venezuela's capital, Caracas. Sitting here, we can only hope that the conflicts resolved and no more civilians are harmed. Violence hasn't done good to anyone in the world, and we hope that these parties understand it and take the right direction. Many people from Venezuela have fled to countries around and will keep doing if this continues to happen.

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